aktuelles System

Firmware: Dragino-v2 LG02_LG08-5.3.1581838658
System: "OpenWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT r1-cb0796b"
Hostname: dragino-1bd3d8
Board Type: LG02
System Time: Fri Feb 28 19:19:59 UTC 2020
Uptime: 40 min
Load Avg: 1.15, 1.12, 0.86
Free Memory: 27616 / Total Memory: 60192kB
IoT Service: lorawan
Internet Connection OK LoRaWAN Connection OK 
System: "OpenWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT r0-ada225c"
Firmware: Dragino-v2 LG02_LG08-5.3.1574523484
Hostname: dragino-1bd3d8
Board Type: LG02
System Time: Fri Feb 28 16:18:23 UTC 2020
Uptime: 28 min
Load Avg: 3.99, 4.11, 3.53
Free Memory: 23936 / Total Memory: 60192kB 


• Add LoRaWAN filtering base on DevAddr (for LG308/LPS8/DLOS8)
• Add hostname as Default Client ID in MQTT settings. 

• Fix LG01/LG02 RSSI value issue. 
• Improve OEM model structure
• Fallback IP support for model DLOS8
• *Add script to monitor the lorawan connection , make it more robust. 
• *Add auto switch between WAN/WiFi/3G connection, 3G connection is now as a back up connection. 

LG02_LG08--build-v5.3.1578320582-20200106-2224 [Test Firmware]
• Add reset control for pkt_fwd. 
• Add LoRaWAn connection image. 
• Add Fport filtering (For LPS8/LG308)

• Improve board detect
• Show LoRaWAn connection status in cat /var/iot/status 
• new pkt_fwd modules for LG01 and LG02 with Timestamp and RSSI data
• Change of LG01-N/LG02 MQTT Features
	- Add data macros DATA, META and JSON.
	- Updated Logging for mosquitto pub, sub commands to show which case was executed.
	- Add input validation for web UI field settings
	- WiFi set to WPA2 with password "dragino+dragino"
	- Updated wifi status display.

* Add more new Web UI Beta pages
* Add Alibaba clound MQTT server
* Add RU864 frequency band 

* Improve Uplink connection

LG02_LG08--build-v5.3.1574523484-20191123-2339 [Release]
* Fix downlink connection bug for LG308/LPS8. 
* Add more new web UI beta page.