Gateway LEDs

LED 1 LED 2 LED 3 LED 4 Status
On Slow blink Connecting to the internet
On Fast blink Could not connect to the internet
On On Slow blink Activating
On On Fast blink Could not activate (restart activation from step 1)
On On On Activated
On On On On Connected to the server


LED State Reason Cause User Action
1 - Power Off No software is running No power Make sure the device is powered
Incorrect firmware loaded Make sure the correct firmware is loaded
Slow Software update in progress Wait
On Software is loaded and running
2 - Internet Slow Checking for internet
Fast No Ethernet or WiFi connection No Ethernet link and WiFi connection failed; only possible way to connect is via the gateway’s WiFi access point (AP) Connect to gateway’s AP
On Has internet
3 - Configuration Slow Activating
Fast Bad configuration No ID Need to configure a gateway ID on the device
Already activated Need to configure valid key on the device
Invalid key Need to configure valid key on the device
No router Need to configure router in the TTN console
Invalid URL Correct URL in the TTN console
On Activation successful
4 - Connection Slow Connecting MQTT
On Connected MQTT
5 - Activity Single Uplink/Downlink