Programming hex files using MPLABX IPE

In this section, we briefly walk through the process of Programming The Things Gateway using the MPLAB IPE integrated programming environment

1. Connecting the Programmer

Connect the programmer to the MCU_PROG port of the gateway as shown below

Programmer<–>Gateway Programmer

2. Selection

Once connected, open the MPLAB IPE on your computer and select the device PIC32MZ2048EFM144.

Selection Selection

3. Connection

Click the connect button next to the Tool to allow the IPE to connect to the Programmer. This allows the IPE to read existing firmware information.

Connection Connection

4. Load Hex File

Now load the hex file from your PC. The IPE checks it for validity.

Load Hex File loadhex

In case you encounter a warning hexfile contains code that is located at addresses that do not exist on the device, you should still be able to continue with programming.

5. Start Programming

Now click Program to start the reprogramming of the gateway.

Start Programming startprog

6. Verification

Once the program is complete, the checksums are verified.

Verification verification

Issues with the reprogramming? Please check The Things Gateway FAQ or reach out to us via The Things Network community forum